I did something just now that I should have done a long time ago. I shredded my credit card. The last 24 months have been extremely expensive for me between weddings ($$$) and paying for grad school out of pocket ($$$$) and I found myself relying on my credit card a bit more often than I should have.

With that said, I would not have changed too many things about my spending in the last two years.I really enjoyed watching my friends tie the knot (x7 — yes I had had nearly every single one of my friends get married in an 18-month span) and I feel like the money I spent on school was an investment in my future.

With that said, I am feeling like a poor college student again. Whomp whomp 😦

I can almost hear my savings account crying out in hunger pain but I plan to feed it in 2014!

I was a little  nervous about taking this step but now that it is done I am glad I did it. Its been something that has been on my mind for a long time now and I am glad I put a lot of thought into my decision before I made it.

Without my crutch, I won’t be able to do some of the fun things I did in 2013, like:

  • Book a last minute, solo, trip to Iceland

  • Buy fun, new dresses for the weddings I have in 2014 (only 3…so far)

  • Buy much of anything other than necessities (adios all 5 Stitch Fix items)

  • Spend money on expensive studio class (I will limit myself to 1 per week)

  • Be financially spontaneous

With that said, there are a bunch of things I will be able to do:

  • Pay off the money I spent in 2013

  • Add month money per month to my savings account

  • Pay down other bills (car, undergrad student loan) more quickly

  • Be in a better financial place in 2014

Until money starts to grow on trees or I win the lottery I need to be diligent with my spending and saving. This year may be the year of the horse but for me it will be the year of the $$$.


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