New Gym Bag

I love my new gym bag! I first saw it on Julie’s blog back in November and entered the raffle she was having for the bag. I didn’t win 😦 so I went online to buy the $60 bag but then realized I shouldn’t really be spending money on myself so close to the holidays.

Gaiam Everything Fits Gym Bag

This beautiful bag popped up again on Julie’s blog in her Fitness Favorites of 2013 post. I was dying to buy it for myself but was so poor from the holidays that I held back once again.

A few days ago I opened an email from LivingSocial and there was a deal for $30 for $60 for Gaiam! I saw it as a sign and clicked the purchase button. After waiting it out I finally got my dream bag for ½ off! It arrived 3 days later and I immediately packed it with all of my gym essentials.

So what’s in my gym bag? A ton of stuff because this bag truly does fit everything.

Everything Fits

First and foremost, sneakers. This bag has a great breathable sneaker pocket so I don’t have to throw my kicks in with the rest of my stuff. This is also great for socks after a long treadmill run.

Nike Tempo running shorts, Under Armour top and Nike Pro sports bra. I love wearing capris to workout classes like Spin and R.I.P.P.E.D. but for running I need to wear shorts. I get so sweaty and hot that capris just don’t work for me.

Long sleeve top – Sometimes my gym is a little chilly so it’s nice to have something with sleeves that I can throw on over my tank until I start to warm up. Some of my favorites are …

Other essentials, makeup bag, face wipes (for quick clean up), deodorant, iPhone, ear buds, extra hair elastics, small towel, extra socks and then anything else I throw in there!

What are your gym bag essentials?


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