Loaded Oreo Bars (sans M&Ms)

Last night was cold and snowy in my neck of the woods so when I got home from work I felt the urge to bake something. I decided on these Loaded M&M Oreo cookie bars. I found them on Pinterest and it led me to Averie’s blog.

Oreo Cookie Bars

(Source: Averie Cooks – Mine came out really ugly so I am sharing Averie’s picture)

When writing about these bars she mentioned shopping in your own pantry to add whatever you want to these bars. I am a huge fan of pantry shopping and refrigerator shopping for dinners on the weekends. During the week I am anal about planning and pre-preparing meals but on the weekends I almost always go with the flow. I really liked hearing (reading) that other “shop” around in their own kitchens.

I don’t often bake but when old man winter comes into town I like to turn the oven on for any reason. I always have butter, eggs, brown sugar and flour in the house (odd for a non-baker) and I happened to have a package of Oreos (the Birthday Cake kind) in the house due to an impulse buy on Sunday. I didn’t have M&Ms on hand so I omitted them.

I followed Averie’s directions and my bars came out AMAZING!! I swear I could have eaten all of them last night but I refrained.

NOTE: These bars are amazing but by no means healthy.

After my yummy and well-worth-the-calories binge last night I hit up the gym this morning. I am working from home today due to the weather so I didn’t have to get up before the sun to go to the gym. How I love being able to work from home!

I v’e been in a bit of a running slump this week and I remembered a treadmill workout I had seen on Julie’s blog for days just like this.

feelin lazy treadmill workout

(Source: pbfingers.com)

The Feelin’ Lazy Treadmill workout was perfect for today. I covered just over 2.5 miles (2.63 to be exact) and I sweat my butt off. It wasn’t easy but it was a nice break from straight up running.

Now it’s time for lunch and back to work until class tonight. I have my first Operations Management class. I have heard mixed reviews about this class from fellow MBA candidates so I am hoping for the best!

Happy hump day!


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