Hearty Breakfast and Ice Skating

I am so happy it’s the weekend. This morning started out with a very filling breakfast. It was not pretty to look at but it was delicious. I have been loving putting a ton of veggies in my eggs lately and today was no different.

egg white scramble

I threw copped red bell pepper, chopped red onion, and a handful of broccoli slaw in the mix this morning. I also had some left over chicken sausage that I had to use so I chopped that up and added it as well. I used liquid egg whites that I had in the fridge instead of real eggs this morning. I prefer the taste of egg whites over whole eggs but I know whole eggs have great health benefits as well.

After a late breakfast SL and I broke out our ice skates and headed to a pond close to our house. Although the temperature today was much more temperate than the it has it was still really chilly on the pond. The wind could probably have blow me from one end to the other if I had a cape on.

ice skating

Once I stated skating I warmed right up. The ice wasn’t perfect so I had to work extra hard to skate around. I could feel my legs and buns burning after just 10 minutes.

Despite the cold I had a fun day out on the ice!

ice skating

How did you spend your Saturday?


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