Cascadian Farm Guerrilla Marketing

Nothing beats getting treated with free samples during your Friday commute!

The Cascadian Farm street team was out it force this morning and it was a welcomed surprise after leaving the house in a rush and packing my breakfast instead of eating before leaving the house.
Cascadian Farm Granola
The Cascadian Farm folks were handing out single serving pouches of there organic granola. I’m not sure if they were handing out multiple flavors or not but I scored with their oats and honey flavor combo!
This stuff is good! I love when granola has some huge clusters!
granola clusters
I am not new to Cascadian farms. I’ve been a fan of their Peanut Pretzel granola bars for a whole now but this was my first experience with their granola.
Great guerrilla marketing technique Cascaidian Farm and thanks for the delish granola!

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