Friday Favorites – 1.31.14

Last day of January! This year is already flying by.

Here is what I am loving this week – in no particular order.

Fuji Apples

  • I go through phases with apples and right now I am on an apple kick, a Fuji apple kick to be precise. Fuji’s are crisp, juicy and sweet. They have been my go-to afternoon snack all week. Fun Fuji fact – Fuji applesauce needs little of no sugar .

The Goal, by Eliyahu Goldratt

  • I have to read this book for my Operations Management class but it is nothing like a text book. I have really enjoyed the Management Science lessons from the main character Alex Rogo. This is definitely not a beach read but if you are feeling intellectual, give it a try.

Bic Bands

  • Freezing cold winter days = static hair like WHOA! I have enough flyaways to take flight right now. Bic Bands are great because unlike other headbands I’ve tried they actually stay in place! Even at the gym! I must invest in a few more.

Longer Days

  • Has anyone else noticed that it’s not completely pitch black at 4:00 pm anymore? The days are still far too short for my liking but I cherish each additional minute of sunlight.

Learning New Skills

  • This has been a very challenging week at work. Between the two big projects I am working on I have needed to learn a lot of technical and application skills. Although I may never use them in the future, it is always good to have new skills in my back pocket.

This Subaru Commercial

  • This is my future life. I just want to be a dog lady!

Happy Friday everyone! Let me know what you love!


18 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – 1.31.14

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