Super Easy Meals

I was all over the Winter Shape Up meal plan today. Lunch and dinner both came from Anne’s meal plan.

Winter Shape Up

I made a batch of the 4 Ingredient Quinoa Salad last night for lunch today. At lunch I put about 1 cup of the quinoa salad over a bed of baby spinach and I had a few baby carrots on the side.

4 ingredient quinoa salad

I tried to take a decent photo but this dish is not photogenic. It was, however, DELICIOUS! Quinoa, salsa, hummus and chickpeas are the only ingredients required to make this dish. On any given day I have all of these in my pantry and refrigerator making this dish so easy.

I was excited to get home after work because I was looking forward to make Saucy Tomato Artichoke Chicken. This was another easy dish to make and it all came together in 5 minutes. I put olive oil, chicken breast and diced tomatoes in a pan. Then I added mushrooms and artichoke hearts.

saucy tomato artichoke chicken

I let everything cook together with the lid on and made some egg noodles in the mean time. For some extra nutrients, I added baby spinach to the mix before I chowed down. Seriously, I CHOWED this down.

saucy tomato artichoke chicken with spinach

Steamy picture…but I couldn’t wait for it to coo down before I ate.

So far the Winter Shape Up meals have been amazing! I will definitely be making both of the super easy dishes again!


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