Thirsty Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone! The weekend is so close that I can taste it!

On the docket for the weekend:

Friday night – Birthday dinner for one of our friend couples who has the same birthday! So crazy! They are four years apart but still I think it’s so cool that they have the same birthday.
Saturday – Shopping, errands and homework. Not crazy fun but better than nothing.
Sunday – Open houses (will we find our dream house this weekend?), homework, grocery shopping and prepping for the week ahead.

Definitely looking forward to the weekend but back to today, Thirsty Thursday!

Thirsty Thursday used to be epic in college. Thursday was the beginning of the weekend because I rarely had classes on Fridays. Thursdays were a big bar night and there was always some fun pregaming involved. Ahhh college, how I miss you.

thirsty thursday

Thursdays now are a totally different story…after work, class and occasionally fitting in a workout and finding time to squeeze in meals I am in no mood for hitting the bar.

My Thirsty Thursdays now include just making sure to drink enough water. I am usually good about getting enough water in me while I am at my desk but when I am working from home or in class I tend to slip. I try to drink between 70 – 90 oz of water a day and even more if I am having a big workout day.

Water is probably my favorite drink (red wine and coffee coming in a close second) but I know drinking enough water is tough for many people. There are tons of great ideas online for jazzing up a glass of agua. These detox water combos are all delicious.

Time to get back to work and time to guzzle some water!

Have a great Thirsty Thursday!


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