Lack of Friday Favorites

I could not be happier that it is Friday. This week has been a blur of work, work, work, a snow storm, more work, school work, class and not much else. Did you notice “gym” wasn’t in the mix this week? Ugh, I havent been since Saturday and its driving me crazy!

This week has been so crazy that I can’t really think of any favorites. In lieu of have actual favorites, here are some of my favorite pictures of the week.

4 ingredient quinoa salad

My 4 Ingredient Quinoa Salad that looks gross but tastes amazing! I had had it for lunch three days this week, mostly because I love it but also because I made TONS of it.

saucy tomato artichoke chicken with spinach

Saucy Tomato & Artichoke Chicken is one of the fastest and easiest dinners ever! Takes almost no time to prep and about 10 minutes to cook.

snow storm Nika

Snow storm Nika was pretty but stranded me in my house all day on Wednesday. I ended up getting a TON of work done despite this little creature wanting to play all day.

Khaleesi face

Khaleesi was not more than 3 feet away from me all day! She loves when I work from home.

Past Friday Favorites:

Friday Favorites – 1.31



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