What’s My Healthy?

Aetna is running a great campaign right now called What’s Your Healthy? I love this idea because everyone’s healthy is different. Of course eating healthy, staying active and getting enough sleep are essential to living a healthy life but they are not everything. For me, especially at this stage in my life, mental healthy is just as important as physical health.

So, what’s my health?

1. Planning and Keeping a Schedule

Between work, school, blogging and living the rest of my life planning and keeping a schedule is essential for me. My Google calendar probably gets quite a workout each week. Everything from grocery shopping, workouts, homework and blog posts are scheduled on my Google calendar. This way, I know exactly what I have to do and when and I don’t overlook anything or double book myself.

2. Down Time

I do not actually schedule my down time in my Google calendar (maybe I should though…) but it is essential for my health. Taking advantage of even just a few minutes of down time a day can do wonders to my head and re-energize me for whatever is next up on the Google calendar!

3. Snacking

I am not someone who can go all day without eating. I can’t even go a few hours without eating because I turn into a monster or I simply shut down. I try to keep easily portable snacks in my purse, work bag, school bag and gym bag so I am never far from something to snack on. Lately I have been loving homemade granola bars, clementines and beef jerky (not all at once of course).

4. Close Girlfriends

Even though I do not see them as much as I would like, my closest girlfriends keep me healthy. I am not one that befriends everyone I meet so my close friend circle is tight but we are all thick as thieves. I know I could reach out to any one of them at any time for anything and they would be there for my without question. Just knowing this keeps me healthy.

5. Drinking Lots of Water

Water is probably my favorite drink so this has never been a struggle for me but I do notice that if I don’t get enough before a workout I get a pounding headache. My mom always used to say drinking water is like a shower for your insides. I have no idea where she came up with this one but I think she is right. When I don’t get enough water I can always tell because my insides crave it (they must feel dirty).

There are definitely a million other things that keep me both mentally and physically healthy but without these 5 I would not be able to control my crazy life.


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