All Things LOVE

It’s almost Valentine’s Day!

I know that this isn’t a real holiday but I have always loved Valentine’s Day. I think it probably dates back to elementary school when I gave everyone a valentine and everyone gave me a valentine. Isn’t that how it always should be?

My valentine and I don’t have an real plans because neither of us are really up for braving the crowds but our anniversary is this weekend so we are planning on a fun filled day of errands. Super romantic! I am hoping he treats me to some Thai food to-go at some point, because I love it.  I’ve got to be the easiest girlfriend ever!

This holiday always makes me think of things I really, truly love. There are certain things in my life that I could never give up…for anything. Not even a million dollars.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, here are a few things I absolutely love.

Pizza ❤
Pizza is hands down my FAVORITE food. I could eat it everyday and would if someone found a way to make it calorie free. You can put anything on a pizza and everywhere you order it from is a little different. YUM! I want some now! Fun EFP fact – Pizza is the only food I eat cheese on. I really don’t like cheese expect for on pizza. It’s weird, I know but that’s just how I roll.


Being from a big(ish) family ❤
My immediate family is only 4 people (and of course a dog) but I have a bunch of aunts and uncles (on both sides) and tons of cousins and most of my cousins have kids. There are family members galore! I love every second of it. I have one of those fun families where there are no defined generational lines and I can just as easily hang out with my 94 year old grandmother or my 45 year old cousin or my 5 year old mini cousin (my cousin’s kid). I have so much love for my whole family its stupid!

(just a few of my cousins)

Dogs ❤
There is a solid chance that my true calling has something to do with spending my life with dogs. My family dog (aka my Brother), Curtis, makes me smile every time I look at him. There is something so comforting about coming home to a furry little face that you know thinks the world of you. I have had 3 dogs in my near 30 years and loosing two of them (to old age thankfully) has been harder on my than anything else I have been through. Tearing up now just thinking about it. My heart near bursts with love over dogs!

SL me and Curt

Hopefully Valentine’s Day makes you think of who and what you truly love in life!


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