LOVE / HATE Relationship

I have many love / hate relationships in my life…the biggest being the treadmill.

I started going to the gym in college mostly because my roommate would drag me there but also because it was the first time in my life that I had a bunch of free time on my hands.

Rewind to September of 2003…I was a college freshman just settling into my new college life and starting to go to the gym. On a regular old Monday night, my roommate and I put on our matching Soffe shorts and “wife beaters” and headed to the gym. She hopped on the last available elliptical and I grabbed a treadmill.

soffe shorts

Minutes later, I was that girl on the floor that fell on the treadmill…woof.

SO EMBARRASSING! I got up, walked away from the treadmill and started an abs workout. My arm hurt (I smashed it on the way down) but mostly my ego hurt. Stupid treadmill.

The next morning my arm was killing my and I couldn’t even take notes in class so I went to the infirmary. Turns out, I BROKE MY ARM. WTF?!?! Now not only am I the girl that fell off the treadmill, I am the girl that fell off the treadmill and broke her arm. Welcome to college, Emily. Way to make a good impression.

After my incident, I avoided the treadmill like the plague. It wasn’t until more recently that I faced my fears and started to incorporate the treadmill back into my fitness routine. Now,  I have re-incorporated the formerly hated machine and some days I really enjoy my treadmill workouts.

I tend to get bored running at one pace for long time so I save those runs for outside. When I hit up the treadmill I like to do intervals, speed workouts, hill workouts and occasionally walks.

Here is one of my favorite tready workouts:

treadmill workout

For more great treadmill workouts…check out my Cardio Queen Pinterest page!


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