Friday Favorites – 2.21.14

Good morning and happy Friday!

I am always ready for the weekend and counting down my work hours. I am working from home today so it’s not that bad but I have a ton to do!

weekend countdown

Moving on to this week’s Friday favorites…I love writing these posts.

My absolute favorite thing this week has been THE OLYMPICS!


I have always loved watching the Olympics, both summer and winter, and this year is no different. I have stayed up way too late every nights watching all of the skiers, snowboarders, ice skaters and everything else. Every time an events comes on I think to myself that that particular event is my favorite. I must have at least 10 favorite Olympic sports! Oh well. They are just so fun!

If I were an Olympian I would want to be some sort of skier. I love skiing and all of the skiers I have seen are in amazing shape and they all just look so happy with their lives. Maybe that should be my focus for the next four years…become an Olympian! Sounds like a solid plan.

Other than work, school, homework and the occasional gym trip, I haven’t done all that much this week. Sadly my Friday favorites might actually be limited to the Olympics this week.

Sorry for the lame-o post but be on the look out for my next Stitch Fix (<– referral link!) post!

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