New Workout, New Breakfast

Today got off to an early start…a 5:15 early start! After a LONG time of being unmotivated to go to the gym before work I finally did today. I guess that race I signed up for is already a good motivator.

I had a 4+ run on my training plan and was not all that excited about it. It was only 12 degrees out this morning which meant treadmill for this girl. I’m such a wimp about running in the cold.

12 degrees

This was the sight when I walked into the gym…first one! I had my pick of treadmills (and any other machine for that matter).

empty gym

So back to my mileage…my training plan was simple, run 4 miles at a slow pace then run fast for 20 seconds followed by 2 minutes of slow running. Repeat the 20 second, two minute thing 4 times. I had some great tunes going so this run

I ended up covering 4.52 miles! I haven’t run that far in a while. I also made a conscious effort to drink water throughout the run. I have never been really good about this and with a half marathon on the calendar I know it will be an important part of my training.

4.52 miles

Post run, I was flip flopping between a savory or sweet breakfast and in a moment of pure genius, I decided on both! And the Waffle Mediterranean Chickpea Burger Sandwich was born!

Waffle Chickpea Burger Sandwich

It’s not pretty but it really was amazing. I bet it would be good with a Spicy Black Bean burger as well.

I also enjoyed a cup of Yogi Carmel Apple Spice tea. This was the first time I tried it after buying it on a whim at Whole Foods this weekend. It’s absolutely delicious!

Carmel Apple Spice Tea

Time for work!


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