Snow Day Package

So this winter has been trying, to say the least. In my neck of the woods it has been cold (like really bone-chilling cold) since November and snowing weekly since before the new year. So needless to say, it snowed a couple of days ago and after a traitorous commute home I saw a pretty little box on my front door step.

My February Stitch Fix (<– referral link)! Yay…day made! Here is what I got this month…

stitch fix

First was the bring pink top. I loved the color of this shirt but it was a little baggy and just not really me. Return.

pink top

Next I tried on the polka dot chambray top. This was so cute but I didn’t love it on me. Whomp whomp, return.

polka dot chambray top

Next…the black blazer with the polka dots on the lining. I LOVED THIS! I just wish I wore blazers for work to justify buying this one. It was so comfy and cute but return.

polka dot blazer

When I saw the sleeveless top I instantly thought OLD LADY. I wasn’t even going to try it on but when I did I liked it a little bit more than I should have. But it was a “like” not a LOVE…return.

sleeveless shirt

Lastly was this unique blue top with orange detail on the shoulders. I wanted to love this because the orange shoulder design was so cute but the shirt didn’t have much shape and it looked like a bag on me. Return.

blue and orange shirt

Sadly, I was 0 for 5 this time around. I really liked everything but didn’t LOVE anything enough to spend the money this month. I did however IMMEDIATELY schedule my next Stitch Fix (<– ref link)! Looking forward to my March fix!


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