Back in the Pool

Good morning and happy Friday! Just one measly work day ahead of us until the weekend is here!

This week was week 1 of training for my two big spring races; The JCC Triathlon by the Sea and the Yukan Twin Lobster Half Marathon!

Here is my back of the napkin training plan I am going to MOSTLY follow. I know there will be weeks that this plan isn’t the law but for the most part I am going to stick with this. I need scheduling and planning in my life!

training overview

On the schedule for this freezing cold Friday morning – REST/Swim. When the alarm went off my first thought was REST. Not because my body really needed it but because its really cold outside and I would rather be in bed.

I knew I would regret not getting up this morning so I dragged my cold, unwilling butt to the gym with my swim bag and sneakers. I hopped on the treadmill and walked for 20 minutes because the pool wasn’t open yet.

When the clock struck 6:00 AM i changed into my extremely unflattering workout bathing suit and jumped into the pool. I haven’t swam (in training mode) since probably this time last year. Even then I didn’t dedicate much time to swimming because the Tri by the Sea has such a short swim.

I wasn’t sure how well I’d be able to knock laps out after such a long span of time away from the pool. My goal today was 200 yards. That’s a mere 10 laps in my pool. Turns out, I did 20! My swim fitness level hadn’t dropped as much as I thought it had!

I celebrated by making another waffle sandwich for breakfast, this time with a Spicy Black Bean burger. I also had a clementine and a hot cup of Carmel Apple Spice tea.

2.28 breakfast

Time to work for a few hours then WEEKEND!!


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