Weekend Wrap Up

Just like that it’s Monday morning again. How about we switch things up and Monday – Friday be the weekend and Saturday and Sunday be the work week? I’d prefer that. I had another jam packed weekend. Here is how it went.

Friday Night

Once I got home from work I was couch bound for the evening with SL. We haven’t spend much quality time together lately so it was nice to have some together time and watch Breaking Bad while eating leftovers.

Saturday Morning

We meet again single digit weather…I am getting tired of you! I was only motivated to get out of bed and into my cod weather running gear because I was meeting Mugsy for our first Team Hurstadorian run. We decided on a short 3 mile run at a slow pace. Neither of us have run outside much this winter (I haven’t run outside at all) so making sure we were prepared with cold weather gear was my top priority.

Once we got moving, the cold didn’t end up bothering me at all. It wasn’t windy which I think made the run as pleasurable as it was. Despite the cold, it was a beautiful sunny day and a great day to spend time outside.

We finished our 3-mile run (jog) in just about 30 minutes. Here are our splits (and other info):

run 3.1

Keepin’ it consistent!

Saturday Night

A good friend of ours (SL and I) turned 30 a couple weeks ago and finally moved into the house he spend years building. His amazing girlfriend threw him a surprise birthday party which served as a house warming party too.

He was so surprised and truly grateful to all of his family and friends for showing up. He was also really excited for everyone to see his new house!

Cheers to Amelia for throwing an amazing surprise party!


Ahh Sundays…you are all the same these days. Breakfast…house hunting…grocery shopping…group meeting for school.

Sundays have been nothing special lately and they won’t be getting any better in the near future. Booo to my Sundays!


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