Training Plan – March

I can’t believe its already March! This year, despite the awful cold weather, has been flying by. March is the first full month that my dual training program will be in full swing and I wanted to share it here.

First, the basics…

training overview

I plan to follow something similar to the above for the month of March. Obviously the distances for my swims, bikes and runs will continue to increase as the month goes on. Most of the workouts will be completed indoors in the morning  (before work) at the good old gym. If the weather ever gets above freezing, I will absolutely be taking my biking and running outside.

My March plan loosely follows two training plans that I found online. The first is the Tri-Newbies 11 Week Sprint Distance plan. I have used this plan in the past for guidance but I have never followed it to a tee. Nor will I be this time around. I like the simplicity of the structure and like that the swim workouts are short and sweet. I love swimming but the tri I am doing has a SUPER short swim so it’s not something I want to spend too much time on.

The other plan I’m using for reference is Hal Higdon’s Novice Half Marathon Training plan. This plan was a good fit for both myself and Mugsy (one of my BFFs and training buddy) because of it’s simplicity. I don’t have hours upon hours to train for the races (unless I quit my job and quit school…hummm….) so a simple plan is a must.

I am planning on running 3 days a week total with long runs on Saturdays with Mugsy. I will be biking two days a week and swimming two days a week as well. Fridays will be my rest days but may include a light morning swim. My legs like to swim and I will not deny them that pleasure if they’re feeling up to it.

I will continue to do R.I.P.P.E.D. on Monday nights for strength purposes (and because its my most favorite class ever). I am hoping to squeeze some yoga in there at some point (maybe Tuesday nights??) either at a studio or at home.

So, here is my March 2014 Training Calendar in all of its glory! March is always a long month for me but I will need all of the days to complete all of these workouts!

Peace out and happy hump day!


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