Iceland: Day 2

Iceland is known as the land of the midnight sun. While I was there, they daylight and night hours where about even. When I work up around 7:00 am it was still dark but the sun came up by 8:00 am. I would love to go back in the summer when it stays light throughout the night!

Anyways…back to my trip. I got a shawarma for breakfast at the place across the street from the hotel because, why not have a shawarma for breakfast?

shawarma reykjavik Photo-3_11_13-8.49.46-AM-67

After my “breakfast” I met up with the we headed out for the day (the whole day) on the Golden Circle tour. We loaded up on the bus and started heading out of the city. It was a drizzly cold day but despite that, the views (even from the bus) were A-MA-ZING!


The landscape of the country is so diverse! And, fun fact, there are no really tall trees native to Iceland. I am not sure if that’s why it is so windy or if the windy hiders tree growth but it means you can see for miles and miles. Our first stop was just a rest stop (bathroom break) but it had a really cool relief map showing our whole trip for the day.

iceland relief map Photo-3_11_13-8.49.46-AM-81

After a quick stop at this rest stop we were off to continue our adventure in Iceland! Here are a few shots of one of the spots in Iceland were the American and Eurasian tectonic plates meet. Fun Fact – these plates are actually pulling apart from each other so everyday Iceland gets a tiny bit bigger!

tectonic plates iceland Photo-3_11_13-8.49.46-AM-90 Photo-3_11_13-8.49.46-AM-91

Yours truly 🙂

emily in iceland

After walking around here we bored the bus and were off to our next amazing place…the geysers!! These were awesome! Like clockwork, every five minutes the earth spewed steaming hot water out of what looked like a puddle.

Photo-3_11_13-8.49.46-AM-123geysers iceland 

AMAZE!! As if this wasn’t awesome, our next stop may have topped it. The next sight we saw was absolutely epic.

Gullfoss – enough said.

gullfoss iceland Photo-3_11_13-8.49.46-AM-143

Please pardon the “I’m a loser tourist” wave.

Photo-3_11_13-8.49.46-AM-156Photo-3_11_13-8.49.46-AM-159 Photo-3_11_13-8.49.46-AM-150  Photo-3_11_13-8.49.46-AM-157

It was cold and windy at Gullfoss but I could have stayed there all day just soaking it all in. It was absolutely spectacular! Leaving Gullfoss on our way to dinner, we stopped to say hello to some equine friends.

icelandic horses Photo-3_11_13-8.49.46-AM-179

I am pretty sure that first guy is the Rod Stewart of horses. They were so friendly and beautiful. I should have rode horsey Rod off into the sunset. After our pit stop we made our way to a geothermal bath!

fontana iceland

After a lovely soak and a fun conversation with a Finnish bachelor party (and a round of drinks on them of course) we had a nice group dinner at Lindin Restaurant.

lindin iceland

Sorry for the crappy ass picture but I was hungry and walking a little to fast to get dinner! Day 2 in Iceland was just as epic as Day 1!

Looking forward to sharing Day 3 but until then HAPPY FRIDAY!!!


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