Training for 2 Races

Although I am already couple weeks in I have already made and seen some big changes since I started my self-inflicted dual training program.

training overview

Some things I have noticed right off the bat:

1) I am hungrier but I can’t eat bigger meals. Before I started really training, I would eat a snack post-work/pre-class in order to spare myself the embarrassment of my stomach roaring halfway through class. Now I am eating my post-work/pre-class snack because I have been starving on the train home from work.

I tried to beef up my lunch and dinner portions but have found that I get fuller quicker than before. Or maybe I am just a little bit more mindful of my eating and have a better handle on knowing when I am full 🙂

2) I am killing it with my morning workouts. Back in my morning bootcamp days (circa 2008) I had no problem getting up at 5:00 am but those were also the days when I lived at home, had all of my meals made for me, had a 20 minute commute to work and a super easy non-adult life.

Now, things are a little different but I have made an effort to get my butt out of bed at 5:15 every weekday morning (yes, even Friday!) and get myself to the good old gymbo. Because I have grad school classes after work and group meetings on weekends I knew I had to made morning workouts a priority.

Honestly, most days I get up and am ready to hit the treadmill (or the bike or the pool)! This week has been a bit of a struggle (I’m blaming it on daylight savings and “losing an hour”) but I am still 3 for 3!



3) Not sure if this has anything to do with training for a half marathon and triathlon but I have been sleeping much butter. I am making an effort to hit the sheets by 10:00 pm on nights I don’t have class and 11:00 pm on nights I do have class. Weekends – I do what I want. I am leaving my phone far far away on the dresser and leaving the iPad downstairs. No sleep distractions for this training machine.

Most nights, I am half dead before SL even makes it up stairs. I try to get him to come to bed at the same time but he has never been one to go to bed early. Oh well, I will keep trying!

One unintended consequence of training, I am re-watching Gossip Girl on Netflix! There is nothing more boring than logging miles on the stationary bike. I cannot wait until its nice enough and safe enough to ride my bike outside. Until then, its me, the stationary, Serena and Blair pedaling away at the gym.


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