Whole Foods Sausage and Quinoa One-Pot Supper

If you are ever in need of a quick and easy one pot dinner, this one is a winner! I found this recipe on the Whole Foods recipe website and immediately knew it was perfect for a quick and easy dinner.

I made a few changes to Whole Foods’ ingredient line-up but that was just because I didn’t want to make an extra trip to the grocery store.

Here is what I used…

Sausage Quinoa One-Pot Supper

Instead of kielbasa I used al fresco Sweet Italian Chicken Sausage. I always have chicken sausage in the house because its an easy addition to breakfasts, lunches and dinners. So versatile! I started by chopping the onion and sausage and adding them to my pan.

sausage and onion

I didn’t have any sage so I omitted it. I am not actually sure if I like sage so it wasn’t worth buying it only to realize I don’t like it. I cooked the sage-less sausage and onion on medium-high for 10 minutes then added the rest of the ingredients MINUS the spinach.

I forgot to take a picture…oops.

The recipe calls for kale or spinach. My kale had seen better days so I went with the spinach and donated the kale to the trash can.

To be totally honest, I do not usually have hard cider in the house because I will drink it all because it is so good! But this weekend, while running errands, I picked up a 6-er half knowing I wanted to try this recipe out and half knowing I would enjoy drinking the 5 extra that the recipe didn’t call for.

cooking with hard cider

So, once the rest of the ingredients were in the pan, I brought it to a boil then covered it and lowered the heat to medium-low and let it sit. During this time I had a mini Pandora dance party and cut up a mango to snack on.


After letting the pan sit on the stove for 25 minutes, I took it off the heat, added the spinach and let it sit for a few minutes. Just enough time to let the spinach wilt a little.

Sausage Quinoa dinner

The verdict…so delicious! The recipe serves 4 but SL and I only managed to get three serving out of it. I packed the third serving up for lunch today. I bet this would also be good with some nuts added for a little crunch.

I would definitely make this again and will be hitting up the Whole Foods site for more recipes soon!


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