Friday Favorites – 3.14

Another Friday, another Friday Favorites post! I haven’t done one in a while and I am excited to share some of my latest favorites!

Dark Chocolate Chili Almond Kind Bars

Dark Chocolate Chili Almond bar

Are these new? If not, where have they been all of my life? This bar is sweet, salty and spicy, so basically the perfect food. I wasn’t too sure what to expect but I couldn’t not try this. I am so happy I did because it is hand down my new favorite Kind Bar and probably my most favorite bar EVER!


blo bar

I have only been to Blo once before, to get my hair done for a friends wedding, but I LOVED it! Its an easy (and affordable) way to get pampered for 45 minutes and look awesome afterward. There is a new Blo coming in right next to my building so you know where I’ll be on a Friday afternoon!

Playing Hooky 🙂

Yup, busted, I am playing hooky today. Well really I am just taking a vacation day to hit the slopes! Vermont got about 2 FEET of snow over the last day and SL and I are taking full advantage of it!

That’s all for today! It’s a short list this week because I am trying to finish before its time to ski!!

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