Weekend Past and Week Ahead

My weekend started early, really early. Friday at 5:00 am early. SL and packed up the car and went to Vermont to go skiing! Mad River Glen  is well known for amazing woods skiing and a single chair lift. MRG is for skiers only, no snowboarders allowed, which was great for us because it was busy enough as it was.

mad river glen

This conditions were perfect!! We skied from 10 am to 4 pm when our legs were ready to give out. Needless to say after our crazy long day I was in bed quite early.


Usually Mugsy and I do our long run on Saturday mornings but she was off to NYC for the night and my legs were still very tired and a little sore from skiing. Saturday turned into much needed rest day. SL and I did tons of errands and bought a few fun things at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

After our day of errands, we spent some time with SL’s friends watching some fight. I couldn’t give you any details about it because I spent the whole time on my phone Pinterest-ing. I can’t handle all of the blood spatter.


Sunday was off to a slow start. I keep blaming my sleepiness on the 1-hour time change. I guess I need to give that up seeing that its been a whole week. I made a little breakfast for SL and I. It was supposed to be this…

four leaf clover frittata


But is turned out to be a egg, potato and sausage scramble. FAIL. It was delicious but too ugly to take a picture of. After our breakfast debacle, SL and I checked out a few more open houses. Two losers, one we liked but there were about 1,000 other 20-something couples there and I am the house will get scooped up fast.

Next on the Sunday agenda…SCHOOL WORK! My favorite! Our group met (via conference call) at 2:30 and got everything done amazingly fast leaving me extra time to take an online exam and do laundry! Again, LOVE Sundays lately. Ugh. But Curtis loves Sundays because it means brother-sister hangout time 🙂 Love him!

emily and curtis

Clearly I get really distracted while doing homework. Is there such thing as grad-school-onset-ADD?? I definitely have it.

study add

(From my sweet Instagram account)

I was nervous to take the exam because I did not do amazing on the last quiz in the class. Turns out I got 33 out of 34 on the multiple choice! I also wrote plenty for the one short answer question and I felt I captured the essence of the question well!! Woohoo!!

I hit the sheets early after catching up on Wicked Tuna. I love seeing hometown sights on TV! Iv’e already run into two of the guys from the show and am hoping to hunt down Marciano next!

Enough with weekend talk… 

This week is the second to last full week of March and spring officially starts on Thursday! That means warmer weather (hopefully) so I can finally get on my bike and off the dreadfully boring stationary bike. My training plan for the this week is as follows:

Monday: AM – Bike 3 miles, uphill / PM – R.I.P.P.E.D.

Tuesday: AM – Run 4+ miles / PM – Maybe yoga, maybe a swim, I’ll go with the flow (<– attempt at yoga pun)

Wednesday: AM – Bike 8 miles

Thursday (1st day of Spring!!): AM – Run 5 miles

Friday: AM – Swim 300-400 meters (yards maybe? Either way it will be about 20 laps of my pool)

Saturday: Long run with Mugsy. We are at about 5 miles on our training plan.

Sunday: Bike 10 miles. I am PRAYING it will be nice enough to bike outside.

I am looking forward to the week ahead and hoping that Spring will truly come this week!


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