Friday Favorites – 3.28

Happy happy Friday!! Friday mornings are swim days which I always look forward to. I threw my suit on this morning and headed to the gym for a 25 minute walk on the treadmill while I waited for the pool to open. As I jumped off the ‘mill I realized I forgot my swim bag….meaning I forgot my towel, swim cap and goggles. Fail, fail, fail. Ugh.

Oh well, now on to some favorites…

My least favorite month is OVER!

  • I really dislike March. But today is about favorites so bye bye March. Hello April (on Tuesday)!

Vitamin String Quartet

  • A-MAZ-ING. I am not usually a fan of instrumentals but this group is so talented. I love their Van Morrison “Crazy Love” jam. Impromptu karaoke in the office? Why not, it’s Friday!



  • My puppy brother! This is the first time in the last 20 years that I haven’t lived with a dog. I love going home to see and play with this guy. He has so much personality and is the most lovable creature on Earth (in my completely biased opinion)! Golden Retrievers are said to be reliable, kind, trustworthy, friendly, confident and intelligent. Curtis is all of these, and more…which is why I forgave him for his run in with the police this week.

New Bic Band

boston strong bic band

  • Its hard to believe its been almost a year since the tragedy at the 2013 Boston Marathon. This one obviously hit close to home but seeing Boston and the surrounding communities pull together like they did was awe inspiring. When I saw an email with this Bic Band I knew I needed it. To scoop up one of you own click here >> Forever Boston Strong Bic Band

Barre Socks

barre socks

  • I took a new barre class at Studio 13 and needed to buy some grippy socks (no bare feet allowed!). I ended up wearing these Sticky Be socks for hours after class. They are so comfortable and cute! I love the bright blue color and the little saying on the toes. Oh, and they were perfectly functional for class as well.

What are you loving this Friday? Other than the fact that it is Friday!

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