Weekly Training Schedule – 4.7

Another Monday after another great weekend!

Friday night was low key (as they have been lately). SL and I got Chipotle and watched a movie and went to bed early. This was much needed because I had a busy week and a busy Saturday ahead of me!

Saturday morning started with Musgy and my long run. We are up to 5 miles on our training plan and ended up finishing 5.4 miles. I learned something very valuable on this run…here are our splits and what I learned.

Mile 1 – 8:49 (This was a very speedy first mile for me and as you can see, it was not sustainable for the whole run. This shows I still need to do some work on pacing myself a little bit better before we get into our longer runs.

Mile 2 – 8:53

Mile 3 – 9:28 (I felt like I hit a bit of a wall during mile 3 and I think it was because I set out so fast in mile 1…lesson learned)

Mile 4 – 9:15 (Build some speed back but I still felt really slow)

Mile 5 – 9:12

Last 0.4 mile – 9:10

So big lesson learned. I need to pay attention to my pace in mile 1 and 2 from now on. I knew I had a busy day so I think I started out too fast because I wanted to get through the run and move onto my next adventure.

Saturday afternoon, my next adventure…school field trip! My group is working with a local company to help them re-brand themselves so the president of the company invited us to tour their facility! So fun!

And there was more fun to come on Saturday night…a launch party at a cider house!

Mugsy’s brother just started working for Downeast Cider and he invited us and about 500 of his closest friends to the cider house for the launch of their newest cider, Hard Honey. This new flavor was delicious but my favorite cider is their Cranberry Blend.

Downeast Cranberry Blend

Cider is naturally gluten free and Downeast Cider is made with locally grown, fresh pressed apples and is not made from concentrate. That’s probably why it is so delicious!

Mugsy, her husband Nick and I had an amazing time at the launch party and it was great to see other local companies like Harding-Lane and Sweet Tomatoes pizza (I could have eaten 12 slices) show up to support Downeast and sell their goodies as well.

After a fun filled Saturday, I took an all out rest day on Sunday and only stayed up past dark because the first episode of Game of Thrones was on…EPIC, as always.

After an awesome weekend, I am facing another busy training week. Here it is:

Monday: AM – Bike 12 miles (complete!)/ PM – R.I.P.P.E.D.

Tuesday: AM – Run 4 miles / PM – s13 exhale© Barre

Wednesday: AM – Swim 300 / PM – Cardio Kickboxing? Zumba? At home workout? I don’t have class (!) so I’d like to fit something fun in.

Thursday: AM – BRICK! (Bike 4 miles, Run 3 miles)

Friday: AM – Swim 400

Saturday: Long Run – 6 miles

Sunday: HOPEFULLY an outdoor bike, maybe yoga, maybe rest. We’ll see how I feel.

I hope you have an awesome Monday!



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