Marathon Monday

Marathon Monday has always made me happy to be a Masshole. Growing up, we always had the day off from school and I remember hanging out at Nan’s house for the day, watching the marathon then going outside and running in the yard. I always won in my one-person races!

marathon easy

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I was never one to put running a marathon on my bucket list but that doesn’t stop me from being enthralled with this event. Last year marked a horrible day in marathon history but looking back, so much good has come out of this tragic event. The City of Boston showed their true colors and the survivors have been an inspiration for all.

I started my morning just how I like to start holiday mornings, with breakfast and coffee. Now it’s time to watch all of the amazing athletes, elites and regular guys and gals, cross the finish line of the most amazing (in my completely biased opinion) marathon in the world!

Oh, and here is my training for the week…

half impressed

Monday: AM – Spin (well not AM but before Piloxing) / PM – Piloxing (Crossing it off the bucket list tonight!)

Tuesday: AM – Run 4.5 miles / PM – Dinner with my BFF Zanna

Wednesday: AM – Swim 500 / PM – Second to last ODS 800 class!

Thursday: AM – Run 4.5 miles / PM – HUGE presentation in BUS 870 class!

Friday: AM – Swim 600 / PM – REST!

Saturday: AM – Long Run – 7 miles (new PDR for me!)

Sunday: Bike? Yoga? Channel surfing?

Stay tuned tomorrow for my recap of the Chase the Gorilla 5k tomorrow! SPOILER: I did something awesome!


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