Excited for May!

After a particularly rotten day at work and class last night, I was more than ready to get home and in my comfies. And then this happened…

Wine and The Captain

As I was enjoying my glass glasses of wine I realized I have a pretty awesome May heading my way! I love having things to look forward to.

MAY (1)

2nd – 7th

  • FLORIDA HERE WE COME!! Neither SL or I have taken any vacation time since August. It was been way too long! I am so looking forward to a few days off from work and school, getting some sun and exploring a new place. I weirdly love flying so I am super excited for that as well.


  • Cinco de Mayo in Florida and I will be drinking margaritas like a champ. I’ve always loved this holiday for some weird reason and I love that I will be on vacation for it this year.


  • My last exam EVER!! I can’t even describe the level of happiness this brings me. It is an online exam and I will take it after getting home from the airport. I know my shizz for this exam so no need to let it get in the way of vacation.


  • Mugsy and I have a 10k scheduled for this day but we couldn’t find one near home! So weird. So we are going to run part of the half marathon course to 1) learn it and 2) amp our selves up for the race!
  • It’s Curtis’ birthday! Happy 5th birthday to my puppy-brother!



graduation 2014



  • F1 racing with the family. Goals – beat my sister and don’t crash


  • Red Sox game with SL. This will be our first of the season. I will eat street meat and I won’t care!

24th – 26th

  • Memorial Day weekend aka the official start of SUMMER!! After a 10 mile training run (our longest run before the race) on Saturday morning I hope to do plenty of outdoor activities!

April has been flying by and it looks like May will too. It will be weird to be done with school and be able to go home after work! Looks like I will finally have a normal-ish life. That to me means more meal planning, more time for trying bucket list classes, more time to hang with SL and more time for ME!


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