Friday Favorites – 4.25

I know I say this every Friday but I really could not be happier that the weekend is near! I have not had the best week so closing this door on the past 5 days will feel excellent. I haven’t been as pumped to work out this week so when the alarm went off at 5:15 am I was not exactly in the mood to spring out of bed.

I was scheduled to swim this morning but felt like I needed a bit more oomph so I decided to complete s short brick workout; 5 miles on the bike then 2 miles on the tready. It was quick and sweaty and I was in and out of the gym in 45 minutes. Meals have been weird this week because SL and I were on a mission to eat our Easter leftovers so I purposefully did not do a big grocery shop. The result – less than super nutritious meals this week.

My bod was craving veggies and fruit in a major way this morning so I whipped up a smoothie with frozen fruit, spinach, avocado and OJ. It was similar to my Pearberrycado smoothie but minus the pear.


But I digress, but to some Friday Favorites. I only have a few this week due to my less than stellar week but here they are!

Race Photos

race photo

Alternate heading for this, Really Awful Race Photos. What is the secret to having great race photos? I look so awful in all of them BUUTTTT I love seeing them. I got this on Tuesday and laughed my ass off for a long time. I also may have looked up other people’s race number and laughed at their pictures. Creepy, yes. A good laugh, yes yes and yes!

Zevia – Mountain Zevia

mountain zevia

I went to Whole Foods on Monday and found this drink. I have heard of Zevia before but had never tried it. Based on the name I assume this is the brand’s version of Mt. Dew but it did not taste all that much like the original. However, I loved it! It was light and refreshing and upon close inspection I found that it did in fact contain caffeine. Note the dents on the can – I dropped this guy during our photo shoot and had to wait a few minutes to drink it.

That’s about it for today. But if you would like to check out my other Friday Favorite posts check out the links below. Have an awesome weekend!

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