Training and Traveling

Despite the cold, rainy weather, this weekend was really fun! After work on Friday, SL and I headed to the mall and Dick’s Sporting goods for a few things then stopped to have dinner at 5 Guys. Not the healthiest dinner but so so good. SL and I need to get better at taking selfies.

bad selfie

Saturday morning Mugsy and I set out for our long run. We had 7 miles on our schedule and we rocked it! More on that tomorrow. Saturday afternoon we met up with a bunch of friends to watch the Bruins beat the Red Wings and move on the playoffs! Woooohooo! Go Bs!

Saturday night SL and I met up with a few more friends for a bowling night. We haven’e been bowling in such a long time and although I was rusty in my first string (only scored 55) my next two strings were much better.

bowling shoes

On Sunday SL and I slept in then headed out in the gross weather to check out a few open houses. Still no luck on the house front but we are in no rush so no worries.

My training schedule is a little weird this week because SL and I are heading to Florida this Friday! We couldn’t be more excited! We have known about this trip for months and months which is great when you want something to look forward to but torture when the time goes by so slow. We leave very early on Friday morning which means we get there later on Friday morning and still have most of the day to play!

Until then, I have some work to do (well, I have some workouts to do).

Monday (today!): AM – Bike 12 miles / PM – R.I.P.P.E.D.
Tuesday: AM – Run 5 miles / PM – Finish up all of my school work! OMG sooo close!
Wednesday: AM – Swim 600 / PM – Last ODS 800 class!!
Thursday: AM – Run 5 miles / PM – Last BUS 870 class aka LAST CLASS EVER!!
Friday: AM – Travel / PM – Maybe a shake out run jog
Saturday: Solo long run 😦 8 miles (yikes, its supposed to be 86 degrees)
Sunday: Another travel day so it’s up in the air

I know this week is going to fly by and I am ok with that.  Thursday night will be one of the most important nights in my MBA career and I am looking forward to it being over with. And if I didn’t make myself perfectly clear before, I CAN WAIT to go to Florida on Friday!

Make the best of your Monday!


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