Workout Class Bucket List: SoulCycle

Another Workout Wednesday = another Workout Bucket List post! If you missed my previous WBL posts, check them out in the links at the bottom of this post.


I’ll start by saying welcome to Boston SoulCycle! I have heard great things and can’t wait for my first ride.

SoulCycle’s website has a great section dedicated to first time riders, like myself. It encourages riders to hydrate before, during and after the ride. Tells riders to eat a light snack snack 30 minutes prior to working out and let’s riders know what to wear (tee or tank and form fitting pants or shorts). I basically live in tanks and form fitting capris during my non-working hours so at least I have that down.



SoulCycle offers 7 different classes; soulcylce, soul survivor, soul bands, community ride, soul challenge, soul warrior and soul teen. After perusing the Chestnut Hill SoulCycle class list, I only found soulcycle and soul survivor on the schedule. I aged out of soul teen a few years ago but it would be good to see the other class variation populate the Chestnut Hill schedule in the future. Read: Obviously I think I can handle the soul challenge (90-minute class) after never taking a class. I guess I am just super confident today.

When it comes to price, well let’s just say it’s pricey for my current economic status. First time SoulCyclers are only charged $20 (regular classes are $30) and I have heard that they waive the $3 shoe rental fee as well. I do not own a pair of cycle shoes so after my first class, each additional class would cost $33…yikes. Chestnut Hill is not close to my office or my house but I am planning on making the special trip to try SoulCycle out despite the cost.

Graduation is in 15 days meaning my schedule will free up considerably so I can continue to check classes off my bucket list!

 Workout Class Bucket List:


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