SL and I are jetting off to Florida in less than 24 hours! I cannot wait. Every time I travel whether by plane, train or automobile I usually make some of the same travel essentials aka travel-ssentials! Here are some of the things I rarely travel without.

A Maxi Dress

maxi dress

In my mind, the maxi dress is the closets equivalent to wearing PJs our in public. It is nearly impossible to be uncomfortable in a maxi and if New England weather allowed for it, I’d wear one every day. I love traveling in them and with them because they are great for wearing on the plane and then can be dressed up for dinner out or dressed down and worn as a bathing suit cover up.

Bathing Suit

I alway keep one in my carryon. I don’t care where I am going. I never want to be stuck without a bathing suit!

Water Bottle

I am usually good about drinking while at work and at home but terrible at it while traveling. If I have my to-go bottle on hand it reminds me to stay hydrated which is important on vacay because I am usually out in the sun and enjoying a few bevies.


I don’t even travel to work without snacks. You never know what may happen when traveling (stuck on tarmac, unplanned stops, canceled flights) so Its best to have your favorite snacks on you (at all times). I love roasted chickpeas, Kind bars, portable fruit (grapes, clementines, bananas) and nuts.

Yurbuds (or any earbuds)


My biggest traveling nightmare = chatty people sitting next to me. Flights to me are my time to completely chill and watch a movie on my ipad, read a magazine or take an uncomfortable snooze. Putting my Yurbuds in helps detract unwanted conversation when I am not feeling particularly plane-social, which is always. These are also great because they stay in your ears even when you are super sweaty lounging poolside.

Running clothes & shoes

I like to stay active on vacation and having my running clothes and shoes with me almost forces to me to hit the pavement. I am a big believer in the work hard play hard mentality and vacation times means play hard time! Running it out a bit after indulging in big meals or a few too many glasses of wine makes me feel a little better about my indulgences.


contact me

I know I know it’s suppose to be a vacation. I get this and I fully plan on enjoying this particular getaway but its nice to have it just in case. I am not sure if my flight will have wi-fi yet but if it does, I’ll be blogging mid air. A first for me. There is also always the chance that SL and I decide not to come home and stay in paradise for ever. Having my laptop would allow me to work from underneath the shade of a nearby palm tree.

I am sure there are plenty of other things I bring with me on trips but other than the day to day necessities, these are what I ALWAYS remember to pack. Hopefully I’ll be checking in tomorrow from mid-flight but if not…I’ll be reaching out from the Sunshine State.


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