Workout Class Bucket List – Jazzercise

I love trying out new classes and new studios and lucky for me, new studios are popping up left and right in my neck of the woods.


Jazzercise  was never really a bucket list item until I noticed signs for “Jazzercise: Coming Soon” in a storefront right down the street from my house. Of course I am going to try a new class that is within walking distance of my abode!

I had to do a little Googling to figure out exactly what Jazzercise was because in my head I was picturing ’80s aerobics. I was wrong! Jazzercise is a fusion of jazz dance, aerobic exercise, resistance training, Pilates, yoga and kickboxing.   I figure it is a little like Zumba but with some weights and a little less coordination.


After a little research I found that classes in my area are around $12 per class. This is a bargain compared to some of my other bucket list classes. I am not quite sure if this class is something I would regularly add to my routine or if its something I would go to when it fits my schedule or when I can’t make it to something else. We’ll see!

I don’t know when the studio in my neighborhood will open but as soon as it does I will be Jazzercise-ing!

 Workout Class Bucket List:


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