Training Schedule Changes

This was a whirlwind weekend! why do they always go by far too quickly?

Friday night I laid low because I knew I had a thousand things to do on Saturday. Saturday morning I woke up to rain and lots of it. I headed to Mugsy’s for our run only to realize she was a semi-injured. We made a mutual decision to forgo our planned 10k run so she could heal and I could rest for Sunday’s triathlon. After our lack of a run, SL and I went to two more open houses which were not awful but neither were for us.

After, as the sun finally started to come out, we headed over to our friends’ baby’s first birthday. It was baby animal themed and the cupcakes stole the show!

baby animal cupcakes

After a quick stop at the party we headed to our favorite local package store for a massive (free!) beer tasting.

beer tasting

(Source: Depot Liquors)

I am not a beer drinker but I do love hard cider and I knew my favorite local hard cider company was going to be there. I’ll rock Downeast Cider swag all day! There cider is my favorite by far…I mean I had to carb up for the tri right?

downeast cider

Post beer tasting, SL and I headed over to our friends’ newly purchased house for a BBQ and to watch the Bruins beat Montreal! Prompty after the game we headed home and I jumped right in bed. Triathlons = early mornings!

Sunday morning I competed and finished the 14th annual JCC Triathlon by the Sea! My time was 1:27:31. I did not quite hit all of my goals but I rocked it! The weather was perfect (maybe a wee bit too hot) and I crushed the run so that made me one happy girl. Look out for a full recap tomorrow! Another triathlon is in the books!

triathlon set up

(Source: My Insta!)

With this race under my belt, I am switching up my training routine to focus solely on the Twin Lobster half marathon. I really think that swimming has helped my running so I am going to keep that on the schedule. My worst triathlon event is bike (which was evident yesterday) so I would like to work on getting in the saddle more often but it will be put on hold until after the half marathon.

So here is what I am thinking for this week…

Monday: AM – Yoga for back, shoulders and neck pain* / PM – R.I.P.P.E.D.
Tuesday: AM – Run 5 miles / PM – Dinner with SL in Boston
Wednesday: AM – Swim 600 / PM – Barre Class? Cardio Kickboxing Class?
Thursday: AM – Run 5 miles / PM – GRADUATION!!
Friday: AM – Swim 600 / REST
Saturday: Long Run 9 miles 🙂
Sunday: Hike! Or yoga if its not nice out…

I can’t believe its already Monday again…woof! At least this will be a fun week and hopefully it will go by fast!

*I am not in pain but my shoulders are a little sore from bike riding so I wanted something light and easy to stretch myself out a little.


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