What’s In My Triathlon Bag?

Happy hump day! So far this week is flying by for me and I am glad it is because tomorrow, I graduate! My hump day started by sleeping in. I needed this after a tough R.I.P.P.E.D. workout Monday night and a quick 5-mile run with Mugsy last night.

I thought I would share how I pack up my race bag for triathlons. I have competed in over 10 triathlons and I try to keep the contents of my bag the same for each race. Don’t try anything new on race day, right? So here is what I pack in my bag…

Triathlon bag

I am minimalist when it comes to tri gear. I keep it simple (cheap) because I am not at a point in my life where I can spend a ton of money on fun things like tri suits, super-fast road bikes or anything like that. That said, what works for me may not work for you so this is by no means the end all be all of what to pack for a triathlon.

We’ll start at the top…my tri outfit.


This goes in the bag because I wore sweats over my bathing suit pre-race. I chose a simple Under Armour tank (similar here) and an OLD pair of Old Navy running shorts (similar here). I wanted to wear my fluorescent yellow Nike Tempo running shorts but they were dirty. I like to wear bright colors for a few reasons…1) So if I pass out on the side of the road people can spot me easily; 2) So I can spot myself easily in race day photos and; 3) So I can tell my fans (my parents and SL) what to look for so they can spot me.

Next up in my tri bag is a sports bra, an extra shirt, shades  and my swim suit.


I wear my swim suit throughout the race but I like to throw a sports bra over it for the bike and run portion. No need for a wardrobe malfunction…triathlons are family races! My swim suit is about 100 years old and I really need a new one (LOVE this reversible one) but mine works and its not a one-piece so I am happy. I always pack a shirt to change into post-race. My race tank get super sweaty and I occasionally blow my nose into it so once the race is over, a new shirt is needed.

It is very important to pack sunglasses as well. Even if its a cloudy or rainy day your shades will help protect your eyes from everything! The pair pictured above are my biking sunglasses then I change in to funner pair of sunnies for the run. That’s just my style!

swim cap and goggles

Like sunglasses, I also pack two pairs of goggles. If you breaks, you have another. That is my only reason behind that. I also pack a backup swim cap. All of the triathlons I have done have given out a swim cap with your race packet but just to be safe, I pack one. I also pack a small towel. This is great to easily dry myself off post swim which makes it easier to put on the rest of my outfit.

flip flops gatorade water bottle

Nothing feels better than changing into a pair of flip flops after finishing a triathlon. Pack them…it’s worth it. I also pack a water bottle for my bike and a Gatorade to drink during T1 and T2 and post-race.

tri bag 3

Rounding out my bag, 2 pairs of socks (because you never know!), my running sneakers (that I also wear biking), deodorant, a KIND bar (for post race fuel) and Clif Shot Bloks which I eat during the bike and/or run segments. Not pictured – sunscreen. Super important for sunny and cloudy days! Protect your skin friends!

So that is that! Like I said, I keep my bag pretty bare bones and that works for me.



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