A Perfect Weekend

This weekend could not have been any better!

Friday night was low key, as the usually are. SL and I hung in and ordered Thai. It was raining but the weather for the weekend started to look up so I was hopeful that we wouldn’t be washout.

Saturday morning = Downpour raining! Mugsy and I decided to push our run until Sunday morning to avoid be completely miserable for 9 miles.

Saturday afternoon, my parents, sister, her bother, SL and I went F1 racing! We had an absolute blast.

F1 racing

They give you all of your results at the end of each race (we did 3) so it was fun to compare how everyone did. After SL spun out on his last race and I crashed into my dad I ended up finishing in second place. My top speed was over 40 mph!

Saturday night was spend at our friends’ housewarming party. They recently bought a house and got engaged on the same day!! SL and I couldn’t be happier for them!

Sunday was supposed to be a washout but ended up being a beautiful day. Mugsy had to postpone our run until Monday night because she had to “babysit” for another friend. I was cool with it because SL, our friend Brandon and I were planning to hike anyway.

The weather was perfect on Sunday morning and the three of us drove up to Mt. Major (which overlooks Lake Winnipesaukee). It is a pretty easy hike but some parts still had me huffing and puffing. Funny  – I can run 8 miles and be ok but hiking for 2 miles leaves me completely out of breath!

Once the three of us got to the top the views were perfect!

mt major

SL and I went to pose for a picture and before I knew it HE PROPOSED!!!!

engagement 1 engagement 2

I was so shocked that it took me a second to get the word YES out of my mouth. Of course in my head I was screaming yes yes yes!! Mugsy is a little rat and lied about having to babysit! She knew because SL reached out to her to cancel our run because he didn’t want to risk me not wanting to hike after a 9-mile run.

I couldn’t be happier and SL planned everything perfectly!


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