Workout Class Bucket List: Orange Theory

This class has been popping up on some of the blogs I read and it sounds like something I would love.

Orange Theory

Orange Theory classes are broken up into 3 components; treadmill training, indoor rowing and weight training. Heart rate is measured and used to show class participants where there are in terms of exertion. Each interval training class measure where you are in the 5 zones and for how long. These results are also emailed to you after each class!

Orange Theory Boston (really in Brighton) is schedule to open their doors soon and I am hoping to get my fix shortly after they open. I find its usually best to give new studios a few weeks to work out some kinks before taking a class. Unless classes are free, then I am all over that!

orange theory

(Source: Their Website)

The Orange Theory website offers a free coupon for first timers which I will gladly take advantage of when the Boston studio opens. Prices were not easily found on their site but I investigated and found they are $25 per session. Again, this price tag is high for me but average compared to my other bucket list classes.

For more on this class, check out the Fitnessista’s post on her experience taking an Orange Theory class.

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