The Proposal

I guess it all started about a month ago when SL texted my Dad to meet up for a drink. My dad knew exactly what was going to happen so when he walked through the doors of 15 Walnut and saw SL sitting at the bar he was a happy man. SL was a nervous, albiet excited, man.

SL’s plan – propose on a hike before our trip to Florida. He wanted his family that we were visiting to see the ring in person. This plan did not work out thanks to some crappy weekend weather we had pre-vacation. Hiking in the rain? No thanks! Also, the ring wasn’t quite ready in time. Perfection takes time!

If SL left any hints, I was completely unaware. I was so busy finishing school and preparing for graduation. I felt so relived after graduating but had this nagging feeling that I wouldn’t know what to do with my free time…

Sunday, May 18th, SL, myself and our friend Brandon headed to Mt. Major to take advantage of the beautiful weather and get a quick hike in before SL’s soccer game that evening. The mountain was busy but not crowded which was great for such a nice day. The first thing I noticed when we reached the top was the number of dogs up there. So many dogs! I was in heaven!

The second thing I noticed was that SL had sweat clear through his t-shirt. It was sign! The three of us found a place to sit and eat the lunch we picked up on the way. I took a picture and was about to check-in on Facebook when SL said we should take our annual photo atop the mountain.

mt major

I tossed my phone back in my backpack and walked over to where he was. SL gave his GoPro to Brandon to take our picture then asked me for a tissue. I didn’t have one on me (of course, never prepared) so he started rummaging through his backpack to find one (so I thought).

As I looked down at him (on one knee) I saw him pull out a small black box…not a tissue. I was stunned!! The tears started to flow and in my head I was screaming YES YES YES but I couldn’t get any words out. After what felt like forever I was finally able to speak and tell SL that of course I would marry him!

I gave a quick wave to every else atop the mountain who witnessed our big event and cheered as I said yes. I also then realized Brandon was filming the whole thing! Good play SL.

engagement 2

After weeks of waiting for SL and years of waiting for me we were finally ENGAGED! I couldn’t be happier!

engagement 1

And here I was worried that I would not know what to do with all of my new spare time…ha. I have a wedding to plan!


14 thoughts on “The Proposal

  1. Awwww, too cute!!! What an adorable proposal!! So cool that people were cheering!! Love your ring, too!!! Gorgeous ring for a gorgeous girl!! XOXOXOXO!!! Enjoy wedding planning!! It’s fun!!

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