Friday Favorites – 5.23

It’s Friday! And its a long weekend!! Nothing could be better!

I have had one of the best weeks of my life, to say the least. Other than having a Master’s degree and becoming a wife-to-be, I have enjoyed a few more things this week. Here is what I am loving this particularly amazing week!

Cooking Light Magazine

cooking light

I love when my CL comes in the mail. Each edition is full of simple meals, sides and desserts that I can whip up on any given night. Whenever I try something new I like to stick to what the recipe says before I go off and get creative but I hate having to by new ingredients that I am not sure about. I love that Cooking Light often recommend little changes for those recipes that have weird ingredients so I still feel like I am keeping with the recipe but don’t feel like I have to run up and buy a sunchoke.

BuzzFeed Quizzes

buzzfeed quizzes

Did you know that if I were a unicorn, I’d be a sparkly unicorn? Also, my spirit animal is an owl. Graceful, quiet and majestic. Yup, that’s me! Thanks to the many (MANY!) BuzzFeed quizzes I’ve taken lately I’ve also learned that if I were to run away to a paradise, it would be a coral reef utopia! I would love to run off to a coral reef utopia! I also recently learned that I am obsessed with pizza…this was no shock!

Rimmel London Salon Pro Nail Polish

rimmel london salon pro

I am obsessed with my new nail polish. Post ENGAGEMENT I ran to CVS to pick up a pretty, romantic color to paint my tips. I stumbled across the Rimmel London brand for $3 and bought it. I was drawn to the color (New Romantic) but wound up loving it because it doesn’t chip! I painted on 3 coats on Sunday night and they still love perfect! I can’t wait to try out some of the other 10 colors.

Reebok Skyscapes

reebok skyscapes

These are AWESOME! I love my new Reebok Skyscapes! I first read about these new kicks on Julie and Gina’s blogs and new I had to give them a try. I didn’t feel comfortable ordering them online so I have been scouring local stores and I finally came across a pair in my size! I must have a popular shoe size because it always seems to be sold out. The Skyscapes come in ten different colors but only 2 were available at the store where I bought mine. I opted for the Pink Fusion because why not. Go big or go home.

Now just a few more hours of work then a 3-day weekend! Have a great Memorial Day Weekend and happy unofficial start to SUMMER!

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