Workout Class Bucket List: BodyPump

Is is still considered hump day if you didn’t work on Monday? I am going to go with yes and celebrate that the work week is (almost) half over! That means it’s Workout Wednesday and what better way to celebrate than with another Workout Bucket List class!


I am not too sure if this really qualifies as a bucket list item because I have taken BodyPump classes in the past. I loved them and it was my first real jump into strength training of any kind. After my first class I had such t-rex arms. I remember being at work and I could not even type on my keyboard because I was so sore!

BodyPump is a full body barbell class focusing on strength and toning. The class uses low weights and high repetition to burn fat and gain strength. Every three months the choreography and music changes so you (and your body) never gets bored. This is only one of many Les Mills classes but it is the only one I have any familiarity with. I would love to try all of them!

Unfortunately, my gym does not offer BodyPump but I have done some research and found classes near my office that are offered during lunch time. These classes are $15 a pop which is a lot for me but adding an additional strength class to my workout schedule is a must.

I loved Body Pump back in the day and I am looking forward to seeing how the class has progressed over the years.

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