What I Ate 1/2 Marathon Week

Only 2 days until my very first half marathon! Since I have realized I do enjoy running distances I am hoping this will be the first of many! I wanted to pay special attention to my diet this week so I am at my best on Saturday but I am still riding they engagement high and meeting up with friends almost every night. This always proves difficult for me when it comes to making awesome food decisions. Luckily, I am a creature of habit when it comes to breakfast and lunch. Every morning this week I have had 2 waffles with almond butter and a banana for breakfast. Nothing new and different for this girl! 2 waffles I have been washing these down with chocolate coconut water this week. Iv’e heard coconut water is great for hydration and I really love it so the more the better this week. coconut water Lunches have been the same old thing too…salad with fruit and some ham. Tuesday it was lots of raspberries and Wednesday it was a 1/2 grapefruit. Note the pickles in the salad. My new obsession. salad Dinners have been a bit out of the ordinary as I have have found myself out on the town far more than I usually am. Monday night we went to a Memorial Day/Housewarming party where they had a I full BBQ set up with a smoker and all! I tried a little of everything including pork, brisket, grilled veggies, cornbread and watermelon. Not the best race week meal but oh well!

Monday night I headed out to one of my favorite restaurants, Soma, where I could not resist ordering one of their pizzas. Last night I met up with my sister and her best friend (my other “sister”) at my favorite Greek place. I ordered the best salad in the world and soup. I felt decent about that food choice and left stuffed because I ate almost all of it.

The lack of pictures from dinner is because I was so hungry and busy talking to people that I forgot to take them. My bad.

I am meeting up with more friends, yet again, tonight and we are grilling out. Hoping to make some good foody choices and limit the wine intake to 2(ish) glasses. Wish me luck!

Fun fact: This is Emily’s Full Plate’s 99th post! 100th post comin’ at ya tomorrow!


One thought on “What I Ate 1/2 Marathon Week

  1. I’m so excited for you, your first half marathon, and for your 100th post!!! Fabulous!! Also, I love chocolate coconut water so much!!! It’s great for hydration!!!

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