Friday, Friday

You are finally here! Its been sort of a bummer week. We had crappy weather and work things didn’t go great so I am really looking forward to the weekend. The weather is supposed to be PERFECT, low 80s and sunny!

I am doing something new tomorrow morning that I am very excited for…BEACH YOGA! Mugsy, our friend Michele and I are headed to the beach bright and early for a slow flow style class with an emphasis on form and alignment. After Sunday’s half marathon this is exactly what I need.

beach yoga

(photo source)

The only real fitness activity I got done this was was a slow 2.5 mile run on Wednesday which didn’t feel great and a spin class this morning. I needed a little more recovery time than I initially thought but I plan to be back in action next week.

I’ve also started doing a little research on fall half marathons. Here are a few I am thinking about:

  • Wicked Half Marathon (Sept. 20th) – Iv’e run one part of this course during a marathon relay and another part during a 5 mile road race and yet another part of it during a 5k race. SO basically I’ve run this race before, just not all at once. There are SUPER hilly parts but it is beautiful with lots of ocean views. Definitely a contender!
  • Smuttynose Rockfest Half Marathon (Oct. 5th) – A couple people I know have run this and I’ve heard its SUPER flat…like flaaaaaaat. This makes me a little nervous because I feel like it would be boring.
  • United Healthcare Half Marathon (Oct. 12th) – This race is down in Newport, RI and it is GORGEOUS! I ran part of it a few years ago during a marathon relay and would love to run the full 13.1 mile course. Down side – paying $$ to stay in Newport overnight during the high season. Why can’t I just have all the money in the world?
  • Newburyport Half Marathon (Oct. 26th) – I don’t know anything about this race but I love Newburyport and its late enough in fall that it probably be perfect weather.

I’m not ready to sign up for any of these races yet. Mugsy – If you are reading this, let me know your thoughts! If I can con her into training for another one with me I’ll be pretty happy!

Have a happy Friday and don’t forget it’s National Donut Day!


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