Another Cleanse to Consider

So I really am considering doing a cleanse. Especially after yesterday. I spent half the day dealing with a Chinese food hangover. Has anyone else had one of these? I drank one glass of wine while waiting for my to-go order. SL and I enjoyed Chinese food while watching a little TV and discussing a big change in my life (more on that later 🙂 ). I woke up yesterday morning and felt like my 22-year old self on any given Friday morning after a long night of delicious Captain and diets. Those were the days!!

My days of crazy weeknight partying are long gone but yesterday morning that familiar hungover feeling took control. Clearly I need to limit my Chinese food intake as much I as need to limit my alcohol these days. I felt awful! SL said I was probably just overly dehydrated thanks to the sodium laden Chinese food. I hate to admin it but he was probably right. Ugh…I hate when that happens!

This Chinese food hangover made me research a little more into doing a cleanse. My body craved fruits and veggies all day yesterday (hence the salads for lunch and dinner). Yesterday would have been a good day to cleanse! I looked at the Suja Fresh Start Cleanse on Tuesday and today I’m looking into the BluePrint Renovation Cleanse.

BluePrint Renovation Cleanse



(Photo Source: BluePrint)

This cleanse is for newbies, like me. BluePrint casually refers to it as a “gateway cleanse” as it may leader to harder things (longer cleanses!) Like the Suja cleanse, you drink 6 juices a day but in this cleanse, two of the juices are the same. The juices are numbered so it’s pretty impossible to screw up.

The website shows the nutritional information and after some quick mental math I found this cleanse has just over 1,000 calories per day. I’m no expert but I feel like that would sustain me as long as I do not partake in any strenuous activity.

A three-day BluePrint cleanse costs $195 plus roughly $30 for shipping bringing the whole shebang to $225. Expensive. I still struggle with paying a ton of money to NOT EAT for three days. Why would I do that to myself? Because I overeat Chinese food to the point where I get Chinese food hangovers. That’s why!

There are a few more options I am considering and I am still not sure I am ready to invest $200+ on something like this but I really think I should. It would be a huge challenge for me and I think I am ready!


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