Friday the 13th Favorites

It’s Friday the 13th! I am not really superstitious so this day doesn’t really phase me. I’m just happy its finally Friday! I think my favorite thing about this week is the fact that it’s finally Friday.

friday the 13th

This week has been a little crazy with work and personal things and I strayed WAY off my workout schedule. I am totally out of the great groove I was in pre-half marathon and I need to make a strong effort to get back in it ASAP! Hello…bathing suit weather is upon us!

Anyways, last night SL and I visited our first possible wedding venue and I LOVED IT!! Everything was gorgeous and they had a great “Plan B” for rain (as of now we plan on getting married outside). I know a few people who have gotten married there but I have never been to a wedding at this particular venue. They also had a bunch of dates that work for SL and I available so fingers crossed crossed that everything works out!

On the personal front, I have big news! I eluded to this yesterday but I am not quite ready to spill the beans! I need to cross a few Ts and dot a few Is first. This news might just be my only other Friday favorite this week.

Another favorite, this flower that I saw in our courtyard at work on Wednesday.


So this was the most lack luster Friday Favorites post ever but if you want to read some better ones, check these out!


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