Gina & Anne’s Summer Shape Up!

Once again, two of my favorite bloggers, Gina (The Fitnessista) and Anne (fanntastic food) are coming together for a fun fitness/nutrition challenge, the Summer Shape Up! This is a four week challenge that comes complete with fitness and food. Two of my favorite things!

fANNEtastic food

I participated (as much as I could) in their Winter Shape Up and it was awesome. Anne, who is an RD created great menus each week and Gina, who is a licensed PT came up with workouts. Now that I can’t blame school on my lack of cooking, I need to get in the kitchen more often.

My meals and workouts have been a little lack luster lately so this program is coming at a perfect time! I am seriously considering running another half marathon in the fall and maybe one in the winter but I want to take a little time to add some different workouts into my schedule before jumping fully back into training mode.

Anne’s meal plan for Week 1 along with a grocery list (genius…thanks Anne!) was posted on Friday and I immediately downloaded it. It was nice to see a couple recipes I recognized (Mexican Lasagna…so good!) and new-to-me ones that I am dying to try (Easy Coconut Curry).

Gina’s workout plan was posted over the weekend as well. She includes great cues with all of her workouts that really help. I always feel like a get a better workout when in a class setting but I think that is because the instructor is constantly giving cues indicating what muscles should be working and what parts of the body you shouldn’t be feeling. The Summer Shape Up workouts include these helpful cues.

I am realistic and know that I won’t be following the meal plan (or the workout plan) to a tee but I plan on doing my best and making it work for my life.


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