Big News!

I have a big exciting announcement to make!

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I took a leap of faith and resigned from my job and took another job in the sports and fitness industry!! Seems like a no brainer for me…working in an industry I am passionate about?! Yup! I’m in!

After graduation I told myself I would take the summer to figure out what I wanted to do next. But this did not stop me from opening the emails about job openings hitting my inbox. I would peruse them to see what was out there but never actually clicking the “Apply Now” button. I had, however, completely updated my resume with some new skills and my new educational fetes. I think its so so important for everyone to have an updated resume at all times, whether job hunting or not. You just never know!

I liked most parts of my job but was never really happy there. I mostly tolerated my job just to take a paycheck home at the end of the month. The actual work I did I liked but marketing in the services industry (specifically technology consulting) was a huge bore to me. Every day I felt like I couldn’t not do my best work because I was not passionate about what I was marketing. That’s no way to fulfill a career.

So when I saw the job posting for my new job, I jumped on it. I applied, had two phone interviews within a week and knew that this was a job I wanted, like really wanted. When I visited the office for my in-person interview and saw the space they operated out of I knew I really, REALLY wanted this job!

And a few days later, I got it! Well, I got an offer.

I had to negotiate a little to get what I wanted and needed financially but it all worked out in my favor and I gave my notice at my current job last Thursday.

Just in cases you missed any thing, in the last 5 weeks I competed in a triathlon, graduated, got ENGAGED (!!!!), ran my first half marathon and got a new job! Wow…I’m finding all of this hard to believe myself. That is why I wanted to wait before looking for new opportunities after graduating but this was too good to pass up and I am so excited to start my new job!


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