Summer is Coming!

I hate playing favorite because I do love each season but summer…come on, it’s just the best! The first official day of summer is this Saturday but Mother Nature doesn’t care because she has bestowed summer weather on us here is Massachusetts all week. Thank you for this after your harsh treatment of us this winter. I am doing a little summer pre-gaming tomorrow by taking a day off from work and hitting up the beach!

life is so much better


Every summer I have a list of things I want to do and every year the summer sprints by and fall comes with very little warning. This year, I am putting my summer-to-do list in writing and hoping this will hold me more accountable for the things I want to do. So here they are and here I am holding myself accountable:

  • Use the shit out of my Crane Beach pass – This one I’m not too worried about. I used the shit out of it last year. SL and I have already been twice (once for a beach day and once for a run after work) and I plan to spend some time in the sun there tomorrow.
  • Kayak more – I say this every year but I still only end up logging about 4 minutes paddling around. I will blame this one on SL not having a kayak but we are working on getting him one so I can fulfill this to-do.
  • Actually train for the Great Adventure Challenge – Ok, I’ve talked about this before and I’ve told myself in the past that I should train for this race but I never have. I guess if I fulfill the kayak more to-do that will also fulfill this one. Hiking will also help this and I plan on hiking as much as I can.
  • Eat more ice cream/froyo – Yup, I said it! Last year I went to the ice cream shop down the street ONCE. That is unacceptable! I also have an Orange Leaf within walking distance of my house and I NEVER went last summer. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?! I will not let that happen again this year.
  • Water ski – I love water skiing, I have water skis and I have a boat that can tow me on water skis. Why didn’t I go once last year? Because I didn’t spend nearly enough time up to the lake. So along with water skiing this year I want to spend more time up at the lake.

There are tons more things I want to accomplish this summer but those are the non-negotiables in my mind. Summer starts in 2 days, let’s see how many things I can work on accomplishing this weekend. I am hoping for at least two (Crane Beach and ice cream!)


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