July Resolutions?

I don’t think I made any New Years Resolutions this year. Oops! In my defenses I was REALLY busy in the beginning of the year with getting ready to finish school, starting up this blog and a bunch of other things.

2014 goals

I figured now that it’s July (WHAT?!?) it would be a good time to make a few resolutions or goals for the rest of the year. I have a few on the food, fitness and fun front that are worth noting.

1) Run another half marathon and a 4-5 more races

  • I have already signed up for the Great Adventure Challenge which I am really excited for and I will be signing up for a 5k in August that one of my besties is running (it’s her first race ever).


2) Get back to scheduling my entire life

  • I was so good at this while in school. I scheduled everything from workouts to meals to homework/class work time. Since graduating I’ve fallen off the wagon a bit a lot and need to get more schedules back in my life.


  • I made big moves at the beginning of the year and shredded my credit card. I was using it as a crutch far too often and needed a reality check. I am going to put a HUGE effort into saving as much as possible this year because with a wedding coming up in 457 days!

4) Play around with new recipes

  • Cooking is fun, I just don’t do it enough, especially in the summer. For my own good health, I want to discover new and fun recipes and cook my little heart out. I’m sure SL will get on the bandwagon with this resolution.

I will check in on these as the months continue to fly by. I hope to make some progress on each and every month. This week has been weird with starting my new job and the holiday coming up on Friday (yay!) so starting next week get ready to see more food and fitness on this here blog.


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