Some Recent Eats

Not gonna lie, I killed it in the kitchen last night! One of my goals for the week was to cook Monday through Thursday nights this week. Last night I had turkey burgers on the menu but since I jumped the gun and made those on Thursday night I hopped to Sweet & Spicy Mango Shrimp which was slated for tonight.

I am so happy I did! It was probably one of the top 5 best things I have ever made. Sweet & Spicy Mango Shrimp for the WIN!

But first, here is why I jumped the gun on making turkey burgers….

Hawaiian Turkey Burgers

These came out amazing!

I went Hawaiian style for these cute little turkey burgers. I guess they should be considered sliders because I used 1/2 patties and those cute little Hawaiian buns. The patty is ground turkey, chopped mushrooms and green onion mixed with a handful of panko crumbs and a little pineapple juice. I topped it with a grilled pineapple ring, sliced avocado and a slice of bacon.

These were awesome but not quite as awesome as the Sweet & Spicy Mango Shrimp I made last night. I used this recipe and ended up only changing one thing; I used sriracha in place of the sweet chili sauce and omitted the red pepper flakes because sriracha has enough heat.

Sweet & Spicy Mango Sprimp

The recipe also called for adding flaked coconut but SL isn’t big on coconut then I forgot to add it to mine once I portioned everything out. Oops. Oh well, it was, like I said, one of the best meals I’ve ever made!

Continuing this streak, I whipped up a very tasty smoothie this morning after a short but sweaty run. I needed something cold and refreshing and this Pear & Pineapple Green Smoothie was the perfect choice.

Pear & Pineapple Green Smoothie

  • 1 cup cubed pineapple (I used the left overs from the Hawaiian Turkey Burger dinner)
  • 1 green pear, cored and chopped (Not sure of the actual type…I’m not a pear genius)
  • 1 cup baby kale
  • 1/2 banana, sliced (I sliced the other half and put it in the freezer for a future smoothie)
  • 1/2 cup apple juice
  • 1/2 cup of ice*

*The recipe calls for a full cup of ice but my blender gets a little testy with ice so I cut down and nothing bad happened.

Another kitchen win…I am on a roll.

I would brag about that fact that my cat enjoys a healthy diet and loves green smoothies but really she is just obsessed with straws…like obsessed and I physically have to remove her from straws. I don’t get it. I don’t get her.

Khaleesi and P&P GS


Including the Chocolate Almond Coconut Chia mousse and Mexican lasagna I made this week I am up to 5 kitchen wins and its only Thursday! I think that means I do not have to feel guilty for having my mom cook me dinner this weekend!

Have a great Thursday and remember, tomorrow is Friday!


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