Friday Favorites – 7.11

Yay, it’s Friday! Right after this post goes up I’m working my butt off (at work) until 5:00 then heading home, packing up and heading up to Maine for the weekend! I am so excited to unplug for a few days, spend time with my parents and SL and fun out on the lake. We will be boating, kayaking, hiking, swimming and lounging in the sun. PERFECT WEEKEND!

But before all the fun starts, let me share a few things I have been loving lately.

My Harding-Lane Mermaid Hat

Harding-Lane Mermaid Hat

I’ve been wearing hats more and more lately on the beach and out for runs. No need for a leather hand bag face at my age. Oh, and it has a mermaid on it any I love mermaids. Enough said. I also love the Elephant hat, the Sloop hat, and the Lighthouse hat.

Snapea Crisps

Snapea Crisps

I love snacks so when I found these on sale while grocery shopping I snagged a bag. I should have snagged all the bags because there are amazing! Anything crunchy and salty is what i crave for my afternoon/commute home snack. These Snapea Crisps are perfect for me.

Erg…I guess that’s it for today…lame-o. If you want to see more of my favorites (and few more robust posts) check out the posts below!


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