Hint Water {Review}

In full disclosure, I LOVE WATER! It is my favorite drink. Lame? Maybe but it’s true. I guzzle water all day and never feel like I have over done it. My body seems to get dehydrated fairly easily and when it does I get crazy headaches that sideline me. No need for that junk! Bring on the H2O!

Hint water was kind enough to send my an amazing assortment of their refreshing flavored waters and in return, I am letting all of you know what I think!

I was so excited when Hint offered to send some of their flavors for me to try and as soon as the box arrived I tore into it!

hint water

Look at those cute little mustaches…love!

hint mustaches

It’s been hot as hell (which I don’t mind at all!) over the past fews week and I’ve been finding myself drinking even more than usual. It was nice to have an assortment of flavors in the house to chose from.

hint fizz

The first new-to-me Hint I tried was the grapefruit fizz. I love all things grapefruit and this did not disappoint! I was so eager to try it I didn’t even put it in the fridge first. Warm but delicious!

As I was drinking down the delicious fizz I looked through the other flavors.

hint water

And that’s not all…

hint water


It was exciting to see that I had only tried two of the flavors in the past so there were plenty new to me flavors to try out. And that I did. I drank Hint all over the place.

hint water

On the beach was probably my favorite way to enjoy this stuff but I loved it on my walk to work and at work as well.

hint water hint water

And of course, I guzzled Hint water during my at home workouts.

hint water

So needless to say I drank my way through 12 flavors of Hint water in no time at all. So what did I think? Short story – LOVED them. More detailed story –

Amazing flavors:

  • Watermelon
  • Blood Orange
  • Mango Grapefruit
  • Blackberry
  • Strawberry Kiwi
  • Grapefruit Fizz

Really good flavors:

  • Peach (surprising because I tend to not really like peach flavored things)
  • Pomegranate
  • Raspberry
  • Blackberry Fizz
  • Watermelon Fizz

Not my thing:

  • Crisp Apple

The only flavor that wasn’t really my thing was the crisp apple. I drank a little too much Bacardi Apple in college and this apple Hint tasted similar enough to bring back a few too many hazy memories.

college pic

I honestly didn’t think I would love almost all of the flavors. Generally, I don’t go for flavored waters because the flavor is either too strong or too sweet and chemically tasting. This wasn’t the case with any of the Hint waters. Each had the perfect little hint of flavor (<— sorry, had to make the bad joke).

I have been trying to make sure to drink water first every morning before my first (of sometimes many) cup of coffee and having a refreshing bottle of Hint to throw in my work bag or my purse has been perfect. Nothing wrong with starting the day off on the right foot.

I’ll definitely be adding Hint water to my regular grocery list. I am addicted.


What are your thoughts on flavored water? Do you have a favorite?

Disclaimer: I was sent the water to try but was not paid to provide my opinion. All opinions are always my own.


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